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Thursday, August 15, 2013

You Could, I Suppose, Call Me a Fuddy-Duddy

What kind of cell phone do you have? And why?

It turns out that I have a "feature phone." I had no idea that's what it is called. I may, or may not, be in the minority. It's not all that clear to me. It turns out that smartphones are now outselling feature phones.

I have no idea why. I suspect it's because smartphones are more versatile. Or they are "cool." Smartphones aren't just phones, they are entertainment devices. In addition to making calls, they play (and store) music, games, databases (addresses as well as names and phone numbers and maybe even notes about the people), web browser, and more. I would have said cameras but feature phones usually have those also. Of course, my feature phone can also play some games and music but I ignore most of those features.

I just use it to [gasp!] make phone calls. I recall talking with a customer rep when I was forced (yes, that was the right word) to get a new phone for my cell phone service way back when. You see, they were dumping analog cell service and going digital. And that meant I had to get a new phone, one that would work in the digital communication world. I was shown all kinds of phones with their virtues being extolled. I kept insisting I just wanted to make phone calls when I needed to and did not need all of that extra stuff.

In the end, they allowed me to buy the simplest, most basic, phone that would work. It still had something called "media access", a camera, and a few games... all of which I successfully ignored for the time I owned it.

I admit I find the camera feature useful but I don't need anything else. I do not play games on it, don't access the web, don't Tweet or text, or listen to music. I just, on rare occasions, make phone calls.

I guess I am old-fashioned.


Tom Sightings said...

I'm old-fashioned, too. My phone does nothing but (horrors!) make phone calls. But, re. the Hyperloop, I'm in favor of anything that will get me to Florida in 15 minutes in February.

Douglas said...

Call me "unhip" but smartphones seem to me to be "fad" gadgets. Like wearing your ball cap backwards or your baggy jeans halfway down your hips.

Steven said...

My dad was about to replace his feature phone with another (if he could find one) because it keeps shutting itself off. After being out and about and using mom's iPhone a few times (mapping, calendar, and internet I think were his reasons) he's ready to take the plunge. They're waiting until the next generation so prices will come down, but I never thought I'd see the day.