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Monday, October 28, 2013

Issues With The Car and Other Things

I mentioned earlier this month that I had to have some repairs done on my car. It's fair, the car is a 2006 Buick and I have had it two years longer than most cars I have owned. I hate to bring a car in for repairs because I know it is just the beginning.

On Friday, Faye and I went out to dinner and ended up having to call a friend to give us a ride home. The battery in my car finally went dead. It was strange. The battery is at least 7 years old, maybe 8 (when you realize they were produced before September of the year preceding the model year). They give us no warning anymore, do they? They just go *poof* when you least expect it.  And that's what happened. We came out of the restaurant, got in the car, and it tried but... it failed... to start. So, I went back inside to see if anyone could give me a jump start. That also failed. Called a friend who came by and gave us a ride home then went to Sears and paid too much for a new battery.

The next morning, I took the battery... and Faye... back to the restaurant in her car, had breakfast, and proceeded to swap the old battery for the new. That is not easy... Buick puts the battery under the rear seat cushion and the battery weighs 40 pounds. It's just not fun anymore. That worked, the car started and I began the process of reprogramming the presets on the radio, as well as other preferences with the car itself.

Sunday, we went out to dinner again. As we left, we found the AC wasn't working... sigh...

More repairs, I guess.

To add to it, the second (meaning the last) light in the garage door opener went out so that will have to be changed too.

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