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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Sky is Not Falling But The Seas Might Rise

The other day, The National Geographic sent me something of interest. To be fair, I asked for these things. I signed up to receive them. In my heart, I suppose, I am a nerd.

Here is a map of of North America after all of Earth's ice has melted.

It was after looking at the map that I read further and noticed that it would take 5000 years to melt it all. Not exactly an impending threat. Still, it is possible over the next hundred years... if the Global Warming people are correct in their estimates... that shorelines will be impacted by higher average tidelines.

Should you worry? I do not think so. But, then, I do not live along the shore. Nor do I expect to be alive in 100 years (definitely not in 5000 years... when it might actually impact my little slice of Paradise). I also believe that humans are, for the most part (my friends excepted) rational and will move inland if, or as, sea levels rise. 


Tom Sightings said...

I'm more worried about what it will do to the water hazards!

Douglas said...

Best to stay out of them, Tom,regardless.