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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I'm Sure I Made a Mistake

I went off the deep end the other day, I bought a new car. I didn't really need one, mind you, but I have been getting tired of poor gas mileage in my old one. So I took the plunge. A 4-cylinder thingie with lots of goodies to occupy the mind and tantalize the eyes... and a lack of storage space.And now the learning curve (which gets steeper as you age... trust me) begins. This can be annoying for us old farts, we lack the mental flexibility of the young.

This is why this post is late, my mind has been elsewhere. It's been elsewhere before, mind you, but that was due to drugs and/or alcohol. This is that weird time where buyer's remorse lurks and nags at you tirelessly.

The car is a Ford... Focus, hatchback, automatic, leather seats. Eventually, I will learn to love it, I suspect, but this is the exploration period... like a new romance. That time period when  you wonder just why you are seeing the new love interest and wondering if the positives will outweigh the negatives. Sure, she looks pretty and all but then there's that clearing of the throat, the snoring which rattles the windows, the lack of interest in doing your laundry...

Now, if I can just figure out the radio...


Anonymous said...

OMG Congratulations. We have two Ford Focus and we absolutely love them! Oh! The money you are going to save on gas alone!
Welcome to the 21st Century. Ford built a universal, global car. I first fell in love with the Focus while in Paris! Rome is loaded with them also!
East to drive. Easy to maintain. Easy to afford. Just make sure you do the recommended maintenance (oil change, tire rotation, etc) and have the work done at a good Ford Repair/maintenance shop, and you will love it. Plan on putting 200,000+miles on your new car. We 3 adults (plus luggage) drove from NY to Florida and spent only $76 in fuel! (granted it was 2010, but we still go annually for cheap!)
SO loves the automatic, hands free cell phone useage through the SYNC. I love SIRIUS and using my iPad & iPhone through the deck system.
Ohhhhhhh, I am pea green with envy. Lucky, Lucky you!
Congrats. Drive in good health.

Anonymous said...

PS: read your manual. When the 3 yr/36,000 warranty is over, many other things are covered under an unadvertised 5 year, 100K warranty.


Douglas said...

Yes, the warranty is better than it looks when you dig into it. The car handles well, is peppy enough, and quite frugal... gas-wise. It's just a big change from my Lucerne... which had roomier storage and a softer ride. It will take me a little time to adjust.