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Thursday, March 6, 2014

A '10'? Really?

I am a male. This means that I am clueless. And stupid (or is that stoopid?). I might even be made of "slugs and snails and puppy-dogs' tails" if I believed that old nursery rhyme. Just ask any woman I have dated and no longer do. I was even called a "creep" once by a woman I ran into at a bar after not calling her for weeks after a date with her. I must admit she had me pegged pretty well when she "suggested" I had gone out with her because of the enormity of her chest. To be fair, we didn't leave her apartment that night so did I "go out" with her?

We males have standards too. They were sort of explained by the movie "10" with Bo Derek and some guy whose name now eludes me.... short guy, played a drunk rich guy once. The title of that movie implied a scale upon which men rate women. I will admit that, yes, we do that. In fact, one night in a bar called "Monk's" in Chicago back in 1977, a friend and I even made signs with numbers on them to rate the young women who walked by on the way to the restrooms. It did not make us popular for some reason. Go figure...

But, yes, we males rate women according to that scale. And we did it based on the superficial attribute of physical beauty. Virtually all movie actresses (with a few obvious exceptions) are Tens, for instance. But few women outside of the movies and advertisements rate that high.

I once dated a young woman who came close. I was obviously out of my league. You may have noticed that the only time a woman on the high end of that scale (8-10) is seen with average looking guy is in the movies or on TV. I suspect that women do not really follow that old saying about beauty being only skin deep. Or maybe like that adage that is as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor one, women are pragmatic.

I need to amend the first sentence of that last paragraph; I dated two young women who ranked close to Ten. The first (just prior to my enlisting in the Navy) broke my heart and the second failed to become a steady date but introduced me to one who did (who was maybe a 5 or 6).

The scale is very subjective and involves many personal likes and dislikes. It is also subject to the amount of alcohol one consumes. I went home with a Ten and woke up with a Three a few times while I was in the Navy. Ann-Margaret became Totie Fields in the cold light of morning. The hangovers just made it worse.

My ex-wife was an Eight, definitely, but she still ended up as my ex.

Faye? Well, Faye was a Seven, maybe an Eight, when we first met. But time marches on and her physical attributes are not what they once were. Still, I think of her as a Ten now.


T.C. said...

"Still, I think of her as a Ten now."

Well played!

Personally, I don't think actresses 'all virtually' 10s. Quite the opposite actually. For example, don't get the appeal of Garner, Jolie, Paltrow or Roberts - at all. They're 7s or 8s in my book. I think they're hyped to makes us think they're 10s but quite honestly, walking the streets of Montreal make you realize they're average and would just be another girl.

Same with the 'sexiest man alive' garbage. I've seen far better looking men than whatever stupid magazine says.

Douglas said...

Having spent a bit over 4 years in Los Angeles (66-70), I learned that many (if not most) of the women on the "silver screen" are beautiful because of lighting techniques and make-up. But it's the image I was speaking of, not the reality.

T.C. said...

There you go.