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Monday, March 24, 2014

Unnecessary Changes

They've fixed something else that wasn't broken! This time it's Disqus. It was fine, it did exactly what it was touted to do. So, did they rest on their laurels and continue to succeed? Of course not! That would be silly. They got busy and changed it. It is now unrecognizable, difficult to deal with, and terrible. Congratulations! You have taken a good product and turned it into trash.

I once used Disqus as this blog's commenting system. It had a few problems that some of my readers did not like; chief among them was having to register with Disqus to create an avatar. Others had other problems.  I lost a few readers (maybe a few commenters), I suspect due to these minor (in my opinion) problems and, therefore, changed back to Blogger's system. However, using Disqus now as a comment system would essentially destroy this blog so that will never happen.

I am coming to the conclusion that people do not want change. I think that is because change is all too often for the worse.

I recently wrote that I was considering changes to this blog. I officially cancel that consideration. There will be no noticeable changes made

1 comment:

Tal Hartsfeld said...

NEVER make unnecessary changes. EVER!
Changes should only be made if they either improve or enhance.
Otherwise, once you get the formula right and you finally figure out what works, KEEP IT AS IS!