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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Just Some Thoughts

Let me start off by reminding you that I consider myself atheist. Many of you already know this about me. Many in my family (related by marriage or blood) do not know this about me. But let me straighten something out about my "brand" of atheism. I am not offended by religion and I do not fear it. I sometimes fear the intolerance of the religious fanatics... like the ISIS/ISIL wackos. I suspect that they and I would not get along well. I do not want "in God We Trust" taken off our currency nor do I have a problem with the Pledge of Allegiance (even though I learned it before the words "under God" were inserted into it). Well, other than having children mindlessly recite it, that is. Study that pledge, read the words, understand the promise inherent in it. It is an oath of fealty to a piece of cloth and the nation which it represents. It is, to me, indoctrination. Understand that I now, and have since I enlisted in the Navy in 1965, believe in that oath with all my heart. I also consider myself a conservative though I have, of late, wondered if libertarianism isn't more my style.

I have a few friends who are self-professed liberals. I find them to be, in many instances, hypocrites. They complain about African-Americans, about Jews, about Mexicans (and other Hispanics), and do not hesitate to use derogatory terms and the associated stereotypes. I have known many liberals who behaved in the same manner when I was young and thought liberal thoughts while living in California. I dismissed the non-orthodoxy for many years until I felt I couldn't any longer. My first wife began calling me conservative and meant it as an insult. She was also one of those hypocrite-liberals, having used a number of stereotypes over the years we were married so I pretty much ignored it. I had learned, some time before, that insults only hurt if you let them.

There are many things I do not understand. On the other hand, I also think I am pretty smart. This is not contradictory. I think it is pretty normal, in fact.

One more thing: It seems like nude photos of celebrities have been hacked and these photos are being posted on public websites. The celebrities are understandably upset. However, who posted such photos in the first place? Who took them or had them taken? I won't go into the contradiction involved in flaunting one's beauty for profit and then being upset over having it revealed...

So now you know more about me than perhaps you once knew. At least I hope so.


Tom Sightings said...

I'll agree, many of the liberals I know are hypocrites. But they would never use a racial slur or derogatory term. They just don't have anything to do with people of color. They are in a different world. And so ... they are segregationists, whether they'll admit it or not.

(I'll also admit that I'm not much better. I live in an all-white community. Except I do not say I'm a liberal -- I'm not an atheist; I'm an agnostic, in both religious and political matters -- and I also volunteer at our community college where I tutor a lot of people of color, many of whom are educationally disadvantaged but who are also bright, intelligent and hard-working.)

Douglas said...

Most are careful around who they utter racial slurs around. Around their liberal friends? No. Just as we cussed up a storm among our peers, we were careful around our parents. I gave up the common perception of intelligence in my mid-teens when I realized how smart some of my "loser" friends really were. Bad grades in school but super hustlers on the street.

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