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Friday, February 6, 2015

Somebody Stop Me!

But no one did... Some of you may have noticed that I didn't post anything on Wednesday. You are astute. I have a good excuse... really. And here it is...

Yes, a new car. A beautiful new car. I spent the most of the day up in Lakeland at the dealership. I didn't intend to buy the car... until I drove it... then I was hooked. It's hard not to get hooked on a Mercedes. This is the CLA 250 they have been advertising so much. It's tiny compared to most of their line but it has a good ride and great mileage (claims "up to" 26 in town and "up to" 38 on the highway. We'll see).

In my defense, this is the "stripped" model, no extra packages, just all the standard stuff. Well, plus a sun/moon roof (retractable).

I didn't fool Faye for a second, she knew that I would come back with a new car and, as usual, she was right.


Steven said...

Nice looking car! Got any pictures from further away with the whole car in them?

Douglas said...

Coming soon... I couldn't get far enough away that time.

Tom Sightings said...

Nice wheels! But the only relevant question about size is: Do your golf clubs fit in the trunk?

T.C. said...

You went out and got a 'Cedes? On your Navy pension?! Sweet and congrats. Careful there. You're liable to go after a Maserati next. I know how these things work, bra.

Douglas said...

I have no Navy pension, just SS and my AT&T one. Though the Navy was an important part of my life, I was only in for one hitch.