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Sunday, February 15, 2015

What Is Wrong With Blogger????

The following are my settings for comments on this blog:

Comment Location ? Popup window  
Who can comment? Anyone - includes Anonymous Users
Comment Moderation
? Never 
Show word verification ? No

As you can see, I do not ask for, or want, any kind of verification. Yet, I get it... every time. At one time, I used it but it never required me to do it (presumably because I was the owner of the blog). However, in Blogger's meddling with the structure, the Powers-That-Be decided to not only make it mandatory but replaced the Word Verification scheme with a Captcha function. I cannot turn it off, I cannot get around it. And, yes, I must also do it.

Please... complain to Google (they own Blogger)... if you can find a way to do it. I have a little box on most of my internal pages that reads "Send Feedback" but that stopped working. Possibly because I complained... often.

I am seriously thinking of shutting down this blog because of the stupid and pointless changes they have made since introducing the new blog editor.



Tal Hartsfeld said...

No reason to actually shut it down.
Simply "put a cap on it" and just leave this site "as is".
Why simply throw away all the good work you've done here?

Douglas said...

Something about "nose", "face", and "spite", I suppose.