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Friday, March 20, 2015

Ah! The Joys Of Home Ownership

Way back, maybe in 2008, I had a whole house filter installed. It worked fine, I thought, until one day I noticed it running the weekly backwash (a function which allegedly flushes the filter) during the daytime. I bypassed it but the damage was already done... to my water bill; $209 for that month. And on the 19th of this month (March), I found it running again. I have bypassed it again but I expect a hit on my water bill again, though a somewhat lighter one. Since the same exact model is still available, at the same price, I can replace this one with a new one without having to re-configure the plumbing to it.

On the other hand, I am considering just doing without a filter. After all, I am on city water and, other than some dislike for the occasional annoyance and poor taste, this water is fine. And we buy bottled water for drinking anyway. That leaves only the ice-maker and coffee maker needing any possible filtering. I am not fussy about my water and I can rig up an under the sink filter so I really don't need a whole-house filter.

Guess I will do without one.


NotesFromAbroad said...

I got tired of paying for those people to deliver and dump huge bags of crystals to put into the filter ,plus ... it is my well water .. I quit paying too. Fired them. I drink bottled water anyway lol

Douglas said...

Notes, you are thinking of a water softener (though it does also filter). This is a much smaller device and requires no salt but simply filters the water coming into the house. I had a water softener/filtration system at my previous house because our only source of water was from a well and stank of sulphur (rotten egg smell) and was full of contaminants.

T.C. said...

I got hit with a $3000 water bill at the daycare. We average $280 per year. To put that in perspective the local car wash uses $2000 and a huge spa $1500.

We're still trying to figure out what f is going on. Doesn't seem to be a pipe leak. The landlord thinks it's the meter. I hope he's right. Because we sure as hell don't consume that much water. As for using logic with the municipality...ha, ha. As far as they're concerned: Pay.

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