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Monday, March 9, 2015

Tubes And Such

I have been thinking about tubes of late. Why? Because being old, and therefore almost toothless, I have to use stuff that comes in a tube to keep my false teeth in place. I also have to use toothpaste to brush what few real teeth I still have. Squeeze tubes are highly inefficient packages for these products but they are still the used in the vast majority of gel or paste products.

Not to mention all the marital strife that is triggered by a couple where one partner squeezes the tube from the bottom and the other squeezes the middle, it is a matter of economics. I have tried those devices that claim to efficiently squeeze the tubes for you but find them wanting. You have to squeeze (whatever way you choose) some (quite a bit, actually, I have found) of the product out before you can even slide the device on the tube in order for these to work reasonably well.
Sometime in the past, a few enterprising companies offered push-up tubes but these didn't seem to work well either and there were a couple of pump types (also with inherent problems, it seems to me) but they never caught on. It seems there is just no way to get all of the gel or paste out of a tube.

We can put a man on the moon but we are trapped in tubes?


NotesFromAbroad said...

You are right.
They should sell things in bowls with scoops :)

Douglas said...

Yeah, Notes, like Cool Whip or butter.