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Monday, June 15, 2015

What is Wrong With Our Youth?

Over the next few days, I would like to address the growing problem of disaffected youth who are lining up to support ISIS.

Obviously, I do not understand it. And smarter minds than mine have been wrestling with it but they don't seem to have answers either.

I was raised in small towns but wasn't very patriotic until about halfway through my tour of duty in the U.S. Navy.

Being born in the US isn't an automatic ticket to patriotism. We are indoctrinated... through the Pledge of Allegiance, history lessons, and civics classes... but we are also told that we are free to decide for ourselves about our patriotism.

I am not even sure, though I consider myself to be patriotic, just what the word means to me.

But bear with me as I try.

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