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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's In A Flag?

Big fuss over the Confederate flag after that mass killing in Charleston, South Carolina. In fact, people appear to be fixated on it.

I can understand that. It is waved by racists all over this country, that's clear, and as a symbol it is quite potent.

But I was given some advice a long time ago that went: Don't give someone power over you by reacting they way he or she wants. I think that also applies to symbols. It offends, I get that. And maybe if I was black, I would be very offended... perhaps to the point of action. But I hope I wouldn't act out of emotion. Because that is what symbols do to us... arouse emotions.

And sometimes that's not good.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

It's all about imagery. The psychological association with inanimate objects of certain design or shape. Things mean what one WANTS them to.

By the way: Charleston is in SOUTH Carolina.
(...unless you're talking about Charleston Missouri ...)

Douglas said...

Tal, you are right about the state. My bad... corrected. And I heartily agree with you about the symbolism.

T.C. said...

That's unforgivable. The mistake. Three lashes for you. As for the flag, it's an empty diversion. Ridiculous really.