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Friday, February 26, 2016

I'm In Pain!

No, I may be a pain but that's not what is happening. It might be a case of bursitis... which I had before and it feels like that this time. Before you recommend a cortisone shot, the last time I had bursitis the shot had no effect at all.

The last time I had bursitis, I was having to run down to my folks' place a few days each week in Hallandale from my house in Palm Beach County and the most efficient way to get there was on the Florida Turnpike. Unfortunately, it was before they had the Sunpass system and they still had tollbooths several miles apart where you tossed a quarter into a basket and the gate flipped up. Equally unfortunate, the bursitis was in my left shoulder so I spent the ride in agony. After it finally left my left shoulder, it attacked my right one. I didn't bother with a cortisone shot and that went away after a month, or thereabouts. Now I have it again... many years later.

Since the cortisone shot didn't help the last time, I have been applying ointments to my right shoulder after this pain developed. These ointments smell terrible so I looked at Blue Emu but the pain of paying so much for something that might not ease the pain anyway disabused me of that. I did learn something... do not put the ointments on after a shower... way too much pain comes from that.

I still can play golf (badly, as usual) so I am not completely impaired but I hope it does not move into my left shoulder this time.

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