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Monday, February 29, 2016

Another Week Rolls By

Time passes more quickly when you get old. I am reminded of a joke by Richard Pryor that goes:

I don't understand why old people move and drive so slow. I would be in a hurry to get someplace... since you don't know how much time you've got left.

I'm pretty sure he didn't say that last phrase, though, I just tossed it in for effect. I'm also reminded of a bumper sticker I saw when I was in my teens in south Florida:

When I retire, I'm going to move up north and drive real slow.

I am already driving slower than I used to, I used to zip around now I am more careful and deliberate. I have had a few accidents and Faye would never forgive me if I banged up the Lincoln. I can't blame her, she's only had one accident and that one was not her fault. She got hit from behind on I-5 in California going to Disneyland.

I would definitely be in the doghouse if I put a dent in the car so I am real careful. We have a lot of older drivers here in Paradise. It's to be expected since the average age of a full-time resident is around 55.

And then we get the snowbirds in the winter who seem to have forgotten where everything is and slow the effective speed on US 27 from 55MPH to 35MPH. That wouldn't be so bad except they also drive side by side and play "blockade."

The younger drivers zip around them when they can and scare me.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

The reason one is slower when they get older is because the world, by that time, has gotten so redundant one is either bored or depressed by the ongoing lack-of-progress (outside of technology and medical research).
It's like: "What's the point of it all?". Or something along that line.

Douglas said...

Tal, an interesting point of view. I don't think I am bored but you have given me something to think about.

Tom Sightings said...

That's one point of view, but I think it's because we don't see as well, we have slower reaction time ... and we are also smarter and more aware of our mortality.