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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

So Far, The Doctor Is Fine

I am not impressed by doctors... I consider them to be (smart) human body mechanics. And I think my doctor is a little intimidated by me for some reason, perhaps it's because of the exchange we had over how long I would wait to see one.

I make an appointment and I expect the doctor to adhere to it as I do. Therefore, I wait a half hour past the designated time. If I don't get in by then I leave and demand my co-pay (if any) back. I also tell the staff how long I will wait... after 15 minutes... mostly to "light a fire" under them. My first appointment was a touch over 20 minutes late and I let the staff know I would wait another 10 minutes... I was seen a minute later.

I consider my time to be valuable also.

But to get back to my theme: the doctor gave me a prescription for some pills that might help (basically, seasickness treatment), is referring me to an ENT,and for a CT scan.

We might make some progress.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

Medical and dental professionals are a lot like the police, landlords, business owners and government workers in that they have a kind of "authority" status which comes with a license to control other people's lives.

Douglas said...

Or so they think... Tal

T.C. said...

Do not ever disrespect their Authori-TAH!

Douglas said...

Yeah, T.C., they'll find a way to mess you up.