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Friday, March 4, 2016


I was going to talk about time and, specifically, about wristwatches but I have already done that... just search this site for "wristwatch" and you'll see.

I get lots of spam. Not for my primary email addy and not for the one linked to this blog but for one that I use only occasionally. It is one I gave to the Mercedes dealer when I purchased that little beauty I no longer own. I won't tell you what it is but suffice it to say it doesn't get put out much.

That's why the spam is so noticeable and it started increasing heavily right after I bought the Mercedes... which likely means they are the purveyers of email address lists, that they sold my email address to spammers.

One of those spammers is called and they are scum. All spammers are scum, of course, but is the worst. They continue to send spam on the part of various companies (all scum also) and do not hopnor their alleged "unsubscribe" listing.

I finally got angry enough to open a Twitter account just so I could blast on it.

I won't go into what I wrote in that tweet but it contained language I would never use on this blog.

I cannot encourage you to do the same but I would hope you would... these scum do not deserve any respect whatsoever.


Steven said...

Are you sure? is just an URL shortener, like or You go there, put in a long link, and it spits out a short link. I think somebody was just spamming you links that were shortened by

Douglas said...

That's what pops up in the URL space initially. When I googled it, at one time, it showed a company that caters to businesses who want to advertise through email. Now all I get is the URL shortener.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Why so polite and etiquette-laiden on your blog site?
The times I had something "strong" to say on my site I just came out and said it. I figure "Either the reader likes it or doesn't. If not they have the option of going elsewhere on-line".
I know my style is arbitrary, but I would always choose "candor over consideration".