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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Waddya Know?

I ask you readers that (or something near to it) from time to time but I get few answers... this means you agree with what I wrote or disagree so vehemently that you're afraid to leave a comment.

I obviously don't have much today or I would expound ad nauseum. Tomorrow I get an MRI at some local imaging center and I'll find out if I actually have a brain. I am not having a good time with the medication one of my doctors has put me on. It's an anti-viral medication and it gives me headaches (one of the possible side-effects).

Wish me luck on having a brain!



Tom Sightings said...

In my own case, I might not want to know the answer to that question. Nevertheless, good luck with your MRI.

Douglas said...

Tom, I suspect I no longer have one... but thanks for the good wishes.

T.C. said...

Well, since I brought it up last time, mine came back negative. One of those good news/bad news things. Good news is...your normal! Relatively speaking of course. Bad news? We have no idea what causes your migraines/vertigo!