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Friday, May 13, 2016

The Bloom Is Off The Rose

So to speak... Remember when I wrote about some new toys I got? Well, it turns out that that iRULU tablet had no support. I went looking for a manual for it after buying a 64G microSD chip and I couldn't find the slot for it. When I couldn't find that manual, I tried going to support to get the link but that failed and all I got was a stonewall.

Here's a part of the exchange with their support:
I received the tablet but only found a "quick start" guide. I'd like a manual so I can install a MicroSD chip.

Hi,there is a TF card slot on the tablet, you could install a Micro SD card in that slot.Please see the slot in the attached picture.

Here's the problem: I cannot locate that slot. It is possibly behind a covering along that side (the one where you plug in the power adapter). If so, how do I remove that cover? There appears to be a symbol that looks like an SD chip but all my efforts have been for naught.

Hi,could you please tell us if you purchased WalknBook 1 Notebook Tablet? If not, please notice us the s/n number on the back of the tablet firstly?Then, we will help you to check.

I gave them the S/N and studied the picture they attached and then gave up. I chatted with NewEgg (who were very professional about this... as always) and got a return authorization and shipped it back. I should get a credit against my Discover card.

I do not recommend purcasing anything from iRULU!


Barbara said...

Good to know but sorry you had to learn the hard way. You need to ask a teenager. They know everything.

Douglas said...

Barbara, didn't we all? I thought I did but then I got older... now, I seem to know so little.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

They keep "changing everything every five minutes" anymore, so how is it possible to know anything anymore when every time you turn around they've changed the rules or the methods and procedures?

Douglas said...

Tal, it's the modern variation of "Moore's Law."