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Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Here Somewhere

Now and then, we have some friends over for dinner. These are semi-special occasions. We do not have a large house so we do not have large and lavish dinner parties like you see in the movies. Our idea of a large dinner party is when we have more guests than chairs. And that, in our house, is a bit too easy to do.

Like maybe 3 couples.

In any event, we are having a few people over tonight for Mexican food. I believe it will be enchiladas tonight. Enchiladas are among my favorite Mexican dishes. And guacamole. Also burritos, chimichangas, and rolled tacos. And guacamole. And Spanish rice. And guacamole.

Sorry... got carried away for a moment.

The problem with special occasions is that I am urged to clean up my computer desk. I do not like to do this. Faye spends two days cleaning the house prior to these occasions so she expects me to actually clear my desk off. I am not sure why. No one is likely to wander into the master bedroom and see it. And, if they do, they aren't going to tell the world they went snooping around just so they could reveal how messy my desk is.

I mean who cares?

I like a messy desk. I have always had one at work. Well, when I actually had a desk, that is. I distrust people who keep neat and clean ones. Every boss I had trouble with kept a neat desk, for example.

No offense intended if you keep a neat desk.

One particular boss even spent an hour each morning, cleaning and polishing his desktop so it shined. Then he would go to his 15 minute break (which lasted an hour), come back and polish his desk again, spend a while admiring it and then wander off to annoy people who actually did some work before going off to his two hour lunch. After which he would come back and admire his desk, wiping off the invisible dust which he imagined had landed on it in his absence. Then he would disappear for the rest of the afternoon.

I, on the other hand, had a desk that looked like this. People (well, bosses... and the occasional neatnik clerk) would suggest I put some of it away. I have no idea where, the drawers were all full too.

I had two desks just before I retired. Three, if you count the table where the printer and some extra reference books (among a number of other things) sat. All were messy.

But, you see, I knew where everything was.

Because everything was right there on a desktop.


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