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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The forecast is Hot with a chance of blistering

An announcement came on the radio yesterday warning us about a heat wave and advising listeners on how to avoid problems from it. Imagine! A heat wave in Florida in June! How unusual.

OK, not all that unusual. Pretty much expected... every year...

The advice was also pretty much what is expected, too.

Stay indoors and out of the heat (presumes air conditioning is available in your home)

If you must go out, then:
Wear a hat with a broad brim.
Use sunscreen on exposed skin areas.
Limit your time outdoors.
Drink plenty of liquids. Does beer count? I suppose you could do this at home also.

Do we really have to be told this?

I moved to south Florida when I was 9 years old. We arrived in the Spring of 1956. I survived the next 10 years without any air conditioning in the houses we lived in. Or in the schools I went to. In fact, I disliked air conditioning. I would go into a store and feel chilly. Same in restaurants and movie theaters. I preferred the heat. Or thought I did. It's all a matter of perspective.

I don't recall sweating all that much and I wore long sleeved shirts most of my teen years (skinny kid with skinny arms... gotta hide `em). I also don't remember drinking a lot of liquids (beer doesn't count because I was underage and so it was done only at parties). In fact, the heat never seemed to bother me all that much and I spent a great deal of my summers outdoors. Of course, it was mostly after dark and into the wee hours. From my mid-teens on, I generally slept most of the days away during summer.

But now that I have lived 30 or so years longer than I had expected to, I have come to dislike the heat. And have grown quite fond of air conditioning. Of course, I keep it set at a comfortable 79F (26C). Anytime the temperature drops below 78, I feel a chill.

Yet, I still go out to play golf even during these heat waves.

I bring a quart of Gatorade and some water, all chilled and kept in an insulated carry-bag. I refill the water. Repeatedly. I sweat. Constantly. I seek shade whenever possible. And, after the round is over, I suck up a fair quantity of beer while sitting in the very air conditioned club house.

But summer is just starting (it's not even official yet) and it'll be about 3 1/2 months before there's even a chance of cooling.

I need the antithesis of a Hot Tub...

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