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Monday, June 21, 2010

I am bored to tears

What a boring world. Nothing exciting going on at all, it seems. Oh, there's that van der Sloot guy confessing to murder and then claiming he was tricked by police and [get this] ... lied to which led to his confessing. Claims he didn't even read what he was signing. His mother claims he suffers from mental illness. Ya think? Most serial killers do.

The oil spew is still, well, spewing. Tar balls and globs of oil are starting to show up on Forida's panhandle beaches. Funny thing is, back in the mid-50's, we always came across tar at the beach. Maybe it was leftovers from all the shipping that was sunk in the Atlantic during WW II. And gas, which had been cheap, is now climbing back up. I am surprised it took this long.

Meanwhile, our president makes sure his family goes to California for a beach vacation. And he hasn't missed his weekly golf game. He apparently has delegated that boot on the neck thing. Which didn't interfere with BP's CEO from attending a yacht race. I figure if Obama can delegate the boot effort then Tony Hayward can delegate the clean-up efforts. Maybe they both ought to go play golf. I don't know about you but I have never seen a CEO actually do anything productive. CEO's delegate, that 's it.

Speaking of golf, that was probably the most bizarre final day of a US Open I have ever seen. I won't go into it but the guy leading by 3 going into the last day didn't just melt down, he dissolved into a small puddle.

On the world financial front, the Chinese are saying they are going to allow the yuan to fluctuate in value. Must be nice to be able to set the value of your currency. Most of the world's nations allow the market to determine the value of theirs. Not the Chinese, though, until now... or at least Real Soon Now. Euro markets are "up" on that news. Or so they claim. I cannot figure out how they know what sends markets up or down a percentage point or two. Hasn't helped my investments. No surprise there.

Toy Story 3 is the big news in entertainment. Remember when cartoons were the filler between a double feature? Remember double features? Most of you probably don't remember drive-in theaters. sigh

Speaking of cartoons. It seems the cartoon characters are now being blamed for our children's bad eating habits. I suppose that's ok. They used to blame them for violence by children and just plain orneriness or sass. Not to mention meanness and teasing over speech defects. But they also turned Orlando into a major metropolitan city from a hayseed backwater concerned with dairy, cattle, and citrus.

Meanwhile, the city of Flagstaff, AZ, is being threatened by a forest fire.

But, other than those things, nothing much happening.

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