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Monday, June 14, 2010

I'll Buy That

I have a new aggravation game to play. Actually, it isn't new. It's been around since 1934. Well, maybe. Parker Brothers bought the rights to it from a guy named Charles Darrow, an out of work heater salesman in Philadelphia who came up with the original idea and even published a version of his own. He got the idea from some neighbor kids who were playing something similar on a homemade game board. Parker Brothers, therefore, always credited him with inventing the game. Others are not so generous. Parker Brothers officially published their version in 1935.

But that's all trivia in the wastebasket as someone might say (if that someone was a little off kilter). I came across the game as part of a suite of 4 games that included Risk, Scrabble, and an updated version of Monopoly as well as the classic version. I play the classic version. Because I don't see why I need an updated version. The classic version is the one I played as a kid. I also play Scrabble and have toyed with Risk a few times. But, of late, I have been playing Monopoly.

Faye knows I have been playing it because she investigated the loud muttering that accompanies any computer game I play. And She snickers with each mutter. Like that should matter. After all, She plays games where you have to feed fish or find hidden objects (cleverly disguised, one assumes) or link jewels together so they disappear. No, I don't understand it either.

For the life of me, I do not know why She doesn't understand my game playing. She spends hours upon hours sitting at her computer, playing those (to me) simple minded games, breaking only to go out on the porch to sit, smoke, and read. And She has the gall to snicker at my muttering?

And what, you ask, do I mutter about (never mind just what it is I mutter)? The computer cheats. When I mention this, in a muttery way, Faye looks over at me and says "Well, duh!" And I thought I was cynical. Look, I expect computers to be honest and have some integrity. Especially my computers. I treat them decently, make no outrageous demands upon them, and see to it that they get the updates they need. Am I asking too much to have them treat me with a little respect?

Apparently, they were programmed by cats.

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