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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

And here I thought college students were a waste of oxygen

I saw something the other day about some college (mostly grad) students inventing an after-market hybrid rig for cars.

I went looking for it and found it in two places:

I also found a link to a story in a UK Telegraph blog about a add-on Hybrid kit unveiled in China. But that link just took me to a blank page and I gave up on it.

This is a great idea. I already have a car I like very much and cannot see spending money on a new hybrid. I wouldn't ever recoup my money for one. But I sure wouldn't mind getting better than 14 MPG in town. Yeah, that's all I get around town. After all, I only drive to golf courses (all within 5 miles or so) and the occasional (weekly) restaurant (less than 10 miles). The car doesn't even get warmed up properly. I could easily switch to an all electric car but I cannot see paying what they cost. And they would be less comfortable to ride in and not even as much fun to drive.

I'd get a motorcycle which would be cheap on gas and fun to drive but it's hard to carry a set of golf clubs on one... though I have done it.


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