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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stranger in a Strange Land

I wondered into a strange and inexplicable land the other day. I followed a link to an article on the Mother Jones online site.

I was a "Stranger in a Strange Land."

And then I made another mistake... I left a few comments. I couldn't resist. I suppose that's due to the "troll" in me. These people are so far out, so delusional, that there really isn't a chance that logic or reason will make any impact. Still, I left a few comments.

And, of course, I was attacked unmercifully. The article is totally one-sided. It wasn't full of lies, just some distortions. But it lacked balance. And, because it did, it made me a little angry. I know, I shouldn't expect balance on a site like Mother Jones. And I usually simply avoid the site because there is no point. I do not need to aggravate my acid reflux problem.

But I try to read opposing viewpoints. I try to understand the "other side", politically speaking. Only at Mother Jones, it was as if I was beamed back through time and space to southern Los Angeles or northern California circa 1968-1969.


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