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Friday, November 2, 2012

It ain't easy being green sometimes

Having lived on Long Island, and still having relatives in that area, my heart goes out to all affected by Hurricane Sandy. But it brings to mind the weaknesses of being dependent on electricity and mass transit.

None of my relatives lived in the areas most impacted. Those living along the Jersey shore and on barrier islands are the rich, the well off, for the most part and no one in my family is rich or even close to it. It must hurt some who hate the rich to be sympathetic about their losses. I feel sorry for anyone impacted and I wonder about the people who make a living working for the well to do in these places. They will have more work as a result of the storm damage (who do you think will do the clean up?) so it will eventually work out for them but they will have it especially tough for awhile.

Meanwhile, there is gas in many gas station tanks but no way to pump it without electricity (Florida, I believe, passed regulations for new stations to have back up generators after the storms of a few years ago). Subways are mostly still shut down due to flooding, buses are limited and traffic is a mess. How do we re-charge our Leaf or Volt without any electricity at our houses?

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