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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Ramble...

 The gay marriage issue goes before the Supreme Court. That is expected and the decision is expected to have a tremendous impact on our society. Way back in 2008, I posted my personal feelings on the subject. I still think I have the best idea on this subject... but, then, I would, wouldn't I? This pending ruling could/should have a greater impact than "Roe v. Wade" which has fueled the rift between the abortion on demand and anti-abortion factions. They are both very emotional issues. I suspect this ruling will have an even greater impact and cause even more strife in the future.

I would like to say something about Hillary Clinton. But it does not matter what I say; if you support her, you will continue to do so; if you do not, you will continue to not (support her). I am opposed to dynasties and voting based on name recognition and that about sums up my feelings on the matter.

Here's something interesting. It starts out:

A new NASA initiative will help lead the search for signs of life beyond our solar system.

I think we'll find it... but I expect no great civilizations, full of far-advanced technologies, nothing we might call "intelligent." I am not so sure it exists on this, our own, planet.

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DKR said...

Wish there was some kind of "like" button. I give thumbs up to your comment on intelligent life on earth being not so, these days.