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Friday, August 28, 2015

Getting Old Is Not For Wimps

I dropped my sister-in-law off at the hospital today. It was an unexpected journey. I had taken her to her doctor's office because she had an appontment. Between the time she had made the appointment and today, it got changed a couple of times... by the doctor's office. A couple of weeks ago, she stumbled over a box of books and injured her shin. She was in a lot of pain for that but that wasn't why she made the appointment; it was a regular visit, a follow-up after having a bypass put in her leg last year. But it was why I took her to the appointment.

She is diabetic and, like many diabetics, had circulatory problems which lead to neuropathy. Which led to the bypass last year. Which led to this routine visit to the doctor who had performed the surgery.

He did not like what he saw. He could not find a pulse in her foot. So he scheduled her for another surgery tomorrow and I, being the one to take her to the doctor's, also had to take her to the hospital and get her checked in. Which we did. They will perform a CAT scan on her tonight to make sure everything is how the doctor thinks it should be and, hopefully, allow him to clear the blockage without doing another bypass.

Faye and I... and Frances... are hopeful. Frances has vowed (again) to quit smoking (which contributes to the circulatory problems), maybe she will stick to it this time.


Tom Sightings said...

Best of luck to Frances ... and maybe this will be the event that finally gets her to quit smoking.

Douglas said...

We'll see... I am hopeful but I know the habit is very tough to break.