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Friday, August 14, 2015


I get way too much of it, as I am sure you also do. There is also spam I do not get, for Gmail filters it for me. I wish Gmail wouldn't do that because I would prefer to deal with it myself. But I cannot get it to stop filtering it.

The spam is of the usual type: male enhancement, offers of insurance, extended car warrenties, and the rest. It slows down some but never stops. I suspect that Comcast, which is my internet provider, is the one that sold my email address because most of the spam is addressed to one of my email accounts... though the NY Times may have done it since I gave that particular address to them and that is the only Comcast address that receives it.

It's annoying but, with the occasional exception, not harmful. I don't know anyone who responds to spam but some must or the spammers wouldn't continue and their clients would dry up.

Incidentally, the problems I was having with "copy and paste" have gone away, I suppose the Blogger coders got tired of the complaints. So now I can write in Wordpad and paste it in the blog again.

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