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Friday, August 21, 2015

More On Golf

The title might seem redundant.
I'd like to provide a little background on my use of Golf GPS devices. There was a time, many years ago where you only had course provided markers on each hole. The distance from tee to the center of the green (at the tee box), 200 yards out (blue marker), 150 yards out (white marker) and 100 yards out (red marker). Sometimes these markers were round and pretty flush with the fairway and sometimes these were posts about 2 feet high. And sometimes you could buy a "yardage book" in the pro shop which showed the distances from various objects along the fairway.

The course I played on most had no markers at all except for the distance to the green at the tee box. I had to guess at the distances. But I was young and still had adequate depth perception so I could do it. In fact, I think I was pretty good at figuring distance.

Not anymore. They say there's three things you lose as you age: memory... and I forget the other two. So I depend on my GPS units to report distances. I sometimes wonder how accurate they are, especially when they differ from the fairway markers by 5 or more yards. But they do offer you some guidance which can be used for club selection. Tom Sightings hasn't reached the age where he needs one (as he commented) but he will.

I am cheap so I tend to buy things on clearence... which might explain why that Golf Buddy unit crapped out on me. But what are the odds that I would get a replacement unit that behaved exactly as my original defective unit did?

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