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Friday, June 17, 2016


As I was pedaling on my way to the "Y" the other day, I passed a number of people walking or pedaling along the way. Of course, I acknowledged them by saying "good morning" or some such and that got me to musing about greetings.

We say things like "good moring" without thinking much about it. What we are doing, in reality, is wishing them a good morning or day, depending on what we say and what time it is.

We also ask "how are you doing?" To which... almost everyone replies (at least initially) "fine." Just to be ornery, I have replied "lousy" or "terrible" from time to time but people seemed to take me seriously and inquire further.

You can't win.

Politics alert:

Since the Orlando shooter was a registered Democrat and Democrats are concerned that we need more restrictions on whi can buy a gun... how about we deny the right to purchase a gun by any registered Democrat?

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