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Monday, June 20, 2016

Words Are Powerful Things

As my ability to type deteriorates, I become more and more frustrated and angry at my inability to use them. "Words, words, words," a shipmate (a friend) said to me from time to time. He meant my words were meaningless in the context of our discussions. And they often were, I suppose. Now that they fail me and I struggle to type them out, I better understand that.

In a way, I am going through a thing similar to what my mother experienced as her Alzheimer's advanced. I know what I want to say but my ability to say it in the written word is failing me. I can hope that this isn't Alzheimer's but I won't know for some time, if ever. All I know is that typing has become extraordinarily difficult. It seems to be an inability to do some simple tasks, though not all the time, such as tying my shoes or buttoning my shirt or pants. I also have a great fear that I will drop a glass or cup.

It is, to me, an agony.


Vagabonde said...

Maybe you need a physical at your doctor’s. You could be deficient in some vitamin. Did you read about Kris Kristofferson’s illness? Everyone thought he had Alzheimer because his memory was worsening – could not even remember the lyrics to his own songs. Turns out he was misdiagnosed – his problems were due to undetected Lyme disease from way back. Here is the link to the story:

Douglas said...

Thank you, Vagabonde, I do not think this is Alzheimer's since I am not losing any short-term memory (other than the normal, that is) but the difficulty with dexterity bothers me a lot. Something is wrong (balance problems, dexterity issues, etc.) with me, perhaps a neurologist can find the cause. I already went to my GP and he is concerned about my condition.

Tom Sightings said...

We all occasionally suffer from the problem that we know what we want to say but our ability to say it in the written word fails us. But kidding aside, it sounds like you'd better get to the bottom of this problem and nip it at the bud (to mix a metaphor). Feel better!

wv112 said...

Get checked for sleep apena, get your magnesium levels checked!