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Wednesday, June 1, 2016


I was going to, and from, Wal-Mart yesterday when I realized something about traffic... we depend on all the other drivers to behave in particular ways. The other day, a friend's mother died in a car accident. She was 99 years old and was entirely at fault. She ran a red light and was hit so bad they had to use the "jaws of life" to get her out of the wreck. At 99, she shouldn't have been driving. But most here are well into their old age and there is no public transportation.

I have no problem driving, even with the current problems I have, but I wonder if I would react rationally in an emergency. A close friend is 87 and still drives. He also speeds a lot. I worry about him and those on the road along with him when he is out and about.

But it is the young who seem to drive poorly, they are the ones who slip in and out of lanes, trying to get through the traffic. I was once young and probably reckless. Now I am old and careful.


Tom Sightings said...

Everyone THINKS they're an above average driver. But in my opinion, everyone in fact is a BELOW average driver. Anyway, hope you're feeling better.

Steven said...

so much good will come from self-driving cars

my new caddy has a (poor) lane assist feature, and a (pretty great) cruise that starts and stops in the terrible atlanta traffic. now my issue is remembering to brake when I get off the freeway and turn off the cruise

Barbara said...

Amen. My Grandson is our newest driver and it worries me to death. Young or old we can all be distracted drivers but at least follow good practices and maybe most of us will survive.

Douglas said...

Thanks, all, for the comments. Steven, my Lincoln has that feature but it also has a (rather loud) warning before it brakes so I react to that, it also has a blind spot indicator in the side mirrors (something lacking in the MB I had) which is very helpful. I won't be using the cruise until we come up to your mom's but I have used the navigation a couple of times... love that feature. Tom, we used to say, "high performance car with a low performance driver." Barbara, I am becoming that cranky old man my father was.:)