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Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm a Little Late

I try to produce a column each day. That means I need to concoct an idea, develop it, flesh it out, and edit it. Well, not today. Today I played golf in the worst heat of the year (so far). The heat index was over 107 degrees F (I have no idea what that is in Centigrade). A heat index is the opposite of a chill factor. And it is much worse. The heat drains you, boils your brain, dehydrates you, and makes you play very bad golf.

Yes, I played quite poorly today. Then I came home, collapsed on the couch and started watching the U.S. Open on my DVR while replenishing my liquids. I had no energy to do anything else. My brain wasn't functioning very well either.

And these are my excuses for not writing a clever and witty post about something or other.

I also watched the rather interesting reports of the events in Iran in the past week. I was transported back in time to 1979. Back to when the people of Iran revolted against the Shah. That revolution produced something much more oppressive and ugly. What will this one leave in its wake?

North Korea is threatening to attack South Korea if we, the Americans, intercept a ship which could be carrying an illicit cargo of materials for WMD. It is also threatening to "test" a missile by sending it toward Hawaii. Everyone in our government says they couldn't reach Hawaii with that missile which I am sure assuages any concerns on the part of the people living in the Hawaiian Islands.

I have this feeling we are living under the Chinese curse of...

May you live in interesting times.


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