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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life Reflected

The games we play, the hobbies in which we immerse ourselves, the books we read, all seem to reflect upon life in general.

As you know, I play golf. Twice a week these days, Mondays and Fridays. We, the poorly attired and motley-looking, gather in the parking lot of a local golf course on these mornings in hopes of a few hours of enjoyment and fine companionship. We rarely attain either, it seems. But close... close enough to bring us back again for the next time.

We are all of a certain age. Retirement. A few of us still work, either out of boredom or mild necessity (food and lodging being somewhat important) but we are all either retired or old enough to have done so.

A precious few of us can actually play the game reasonably well. Another few have a reasonable number of good shots each round that we can modestly brag about at the end. Yet another few are well beaten most every time. We all return again, it seems, regardless of the last game's outcome.

Life is similar. Some of us play it well enough (those who excel at it are often placed on pedestals as examples of greatness), some of us have moments of satisfaction and even exhilaration, and some struggle with it every day. Only a relative handful give it up out of frustration. The rest of us keep playing... even in the rain.



IB said...

My life is like putt-putt: twists, turns, obstacles, the occasional, windmill or clown's-head to shoot through. But it's all the more fun for it.


cheri said...


What is it about golf that draws so many into the game?

The scenery? the challenge? the post-game drinks and conversation?

I am a new golfer but do have a Labrador retriever stuffed animal head on my driver...:)

Douglas said...

IB - Here I sit in a town of grandparents and there is not one miniature golf or Putt-Putt Golf course in the entire place! I miss those.

Cheri - Welcome to the world of the masochist. I do not understand why we become addicted but we do. I suspect that it seems to be such a simple game that should be easily mastered yet turns out to be impossible. And then there's those neat accoutrements... I am eyeing those Loudmouth pants that John Daly sports these days...

Neo said...

years ago, late 80's I worked on a country club, had the opportunity to play but just didn't get into it, but I do understand in a small way what attracts so many, sorta like fishing when the last time was a flop or continue to play guitar even though I can't play real well... Have a great game, you deserve that much at least.

IB said...

My life is like putt-putt: twists, turns, obstacles, the occasional, windmill or clown's-head to shoot through. But it's all the more fun for it.