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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Lied

I misstated something yesterday. I didn't mean to and it wasn't like claiming I served in Vietnam when I really spent my USMC Reserve time in Washington, DC. No, I did actually serve in Vietnam and it was in the US Navy. So, nothing misrepresented there.

It was the emergency room bill that was misstated. I said it was about $3200 and it wasn't. I am so ashamed. The actual total submitted to the insurance company was $2393.28. It came in the form of two bills; one from the hospital...


Total $974.00

And one from the contractor who supposedly runs the emergency room under contract by the hospital...

Pharmacy Services $22.73
Medical/Surgical Supplies $125.75
Radiology Services $618.20
Emergency Center $652.60
Total $1419.28

So, I wanted to be upfront about my error.

And we wonder about why insurance rates are so high.

Yet, oddly, the insurance companies don't seem to care much about these costs. After all, they had no problem that two pictures on the X-ray machine costs over $600. or that the emergency room itself billed for its existence while the doctor billed almost as much for his 5 minutes with me.

As I mentioned to the insurance company, I would be sure not to go to the emergency room for a mere broken bone in the future. I would just wait until the next day (or two if a Saturday) and call the orthopedic surgeon. After all, I have a softcast available and crutches. I can get a prescription from my doctor over the phone (he'll call it in) when his office is closed.

I wonder if the EMT service will send a bill?

1 comment:

Charlotte Ann said...

one night cost 56.00
same splint from dr.'s office 300.00
to be worn for 3 wks.

frx boot online 85.00
frx boot from dr 500.00
to be worn 3 wks.
sadly I know what you mean.