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Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's up in Highlands

As I drag my brain slowly into consciousness while sitting at the computer in the morning (any morning that I do not play golf, that is, where not being conscious can be helpful), I peruse the national news through our friend Google's news links and then I peruse the local happenings through a website for a local version of the Tampa Bay Tribune called "Highlands Today." Highlands is the name of our county.

Highlands in Florida is not a mountainous region. We have no mountains on this peninsula. We barely have hills and not this far south in the state. The name comes from the fact that our county is situated on what is called a "ridge", making us "higher" than our neighboring counties. I am guessing at this, it just seems logical though.

Why am I boring all of you with this? Because when I peruse the local news, I get a little "gadget" or flash product or something that rotates through the 5 stories the site's editor(s) think are most important. The five were:

  • Plenty of Halloween Events Being Planned
  • Synthetic Pot Being Sold Legally in County
  • Six Days Until Elections
  • Valazquez on to Regionals (high school diving star)
  • Titans Topple Red Devils (Local volleyball team loses in tournament)

Why are these stories so important? Because we live in a pretty quiet town and county. But there's another reason I bring them up. Each of these headlines has a little link that tells you the number of comments so far, if any. If there are none, it says "Be the first to comment".

Guess which story had the only comments.

There may be another reason this is called Highlands...


Irish Gumbo said...

Because Valazquez is a 'high' school star? hehheh...dude, where's the cheese puffs? Munchies, man, I'm hungry...

Gregory said...

was thinking something real witty to say, but "I got nothing" .... wanna go out back and smoke this?