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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random pointless thoughts in January

I have been trying to find something amusing to write about today. I am not having too much luck. I peruse the news for oddities and weirdness but today's is full of woe and turmoil.

I suppose this story about the Giant Green Blob is amusing. But it's so far away. And so trite.

It also appears that Verizon is going to be pushing the iPhone. Many people were unhappy with AT&T's service so this is a good thing. Though my brother was not happy with his Verizon service. We shall see if the complaints continue. Maybe it's not the service but the device? I think I just blasphemed Apple... I will get hate mail now.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is trying to block Apple's attempt to trademark the term "App Store". I have no idea why... maybe MS is going to start their own and wants to somehow trick Apple-heads into buying from them?

[Now I'll get even more hate mail] seems to be falling apart. Facebook apparently is winning the Social Networking war. I don't like either of them myself. But that may be because I am a recluse at heart. One of these days, I'll buy me a cave somewhere very remote and withdraw from society. But only if it has cable.

The violent rhetoric has now infiltrated sports... Oh, wait... that's just football. Never mind, violent rhetoric is a fundamental part of that game.

David Nelson died. I used to watch Ozzie and Harriet every week. Actually, I wasn't given much of a choice. My father controlled our TV. David was the "good" son. Ricky was that rebellious rock and roller. David was the clean-cut, happy, all American boy of the 50's. Ricky was a bit darker, more angst ridden. Ricky died back in 1985. Thus disproving the old adage that "only the good die young."

Sorry, that is the best I can do today. There's just not enough irony out there to overcome the angry rhetoric.


Sightings said...

I have verizon -- it's not bad. And myspace has been taken over by the musicians -- apparently any band worth its salt has a myspace page these days, and they are pretty much the only ones to use it.

So what about twitter? That's the one I don't get. Maybe someone could explain it to me.

Douglas said...

Sightings, Twitter is the way one says nothing in only 140 characters.