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Friday, January 28, 2011

Rants and muses... or vice versa

Yes, it's rant time again... along with some musings. I realize that some people think I rant all the time but that's not true, I have to sleep now and then.

Let's start with a traffic rant. I had to go to the doctor's yesterday morning so I had to venture out into traffic. Since it is winter (as some of you may be aware) the traffic level here in Paradise is about double what it is in summer. That means it is twice as mindless and unfathomable. The "usual suspects" were out, of course. The Blockaders, the Drifters, Wandering Lane Changers, and so on. One I have not mentioned is the Disinterested Turner.

The Disinterested Turner is one who comes up to a traffic light controlled intersection on a red light with the intent to turn right on red (we assume) but sits there until the light changes to green. This driver is often on a cell phone (like way too many others) and oblivious to anyone behind him/her (again, like too many others). It's a breed of the Oblivions who are unaware of anyone else on the road. Naturally, I found myself behind one on this particular morning.

We here in Paradise have a lower share of traffic miscreants in the summer. We import most of them on a temporary basis during winter. If you recognize your self among the ones I have mentioned (and I am sure you will not, for obvious reasons) please stay Up Nawth next year.

I might not have had the traffic rant if I had not had a doctor's appointment which brings me to another irritation. Waiting on one's doctor. I had an 11:10 appointment. I was there at 10:55. I was ushered in at 11:10 to have my weight checked, placed in an examining room, and had my blood pressure checked. The results must have been good because it was another 50 minutes before I saw the doctor.

Can you imagine what would happen if you showed up 50 minutes late for your appointment? All I can say is that it is a good thing that they don't check my blood pressure at the time the doctor actually shows up.

Let's move on to musings. On the way to the doctor's, a couple of thoughts came to me. Someone on the radio said "let's not go down that route." We do not "go down [a] route", we "go down a road." The purpose of these little sayings is metaphor, a way to create a mental image to express an idea or concept. Though I have been known to mix the occasional metaphor, I do it purposely. To draw attention to it, to make the listener/reader think about what was said. Sure, that sometimes backfires because the listener/reader focuses on the perceived error in the metaphor rather than the concept behind it.

But this particular saying failed to do even that. What it did was trigger thoughts about direction and how we describe it phrases. Consider the following:

He lives up the street.
She lives down the street.

Without pointing in one direction or the other, which way you go after getting that information if you wanted to see her? Assuming the person you asked was not standing at the top of a hill.

I live in Florida, is New York up or down from me? It seems obvious to me but I have heard both directions used.

It boggles my mind. Speaking of which, try Googling "boggle" some time. The definition has to be specifically requested (as in boggle definition)

I am getting too literal, perhaps. Someone might ask "How are you?" and I will respond with "How am I at what?" or "In comparison to...?" I shouldn't complain... that is better than "How ya doon?"

Seeya tommarah!

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Neo said...

well my doctor (the specialist he is) makes me wait at least 55 minutes in the waiting room (great name for that room) then I wait 35 mins to see him answer a few questions "fine" "no" "everything is ok" get my prescription... only have to see him once a year though