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Friday, January 21, 2011

Sex on an interstellar scale

Ok, kids, please go read another blog while we (alleged) adults discuss something not intended for your innocent eyes.

The origin of life on this planet has always been a mystery to science (not to religion). The following article (and ones like it) reveal the latest theory... life arrived by meteor.

RAW ingredients carried to Earth by meteorites may have been the seed of life on our planet, according to evidence revealed yesterday by NASA.

"The evidence hinges on the molecular structure of amino acids, the repeated chemical units that make up proteins found in all living organisms. The molecules come in left- and right-handed varieties, and only left-handed varieties are found in life on Earth."

I am no biologist nor am I well versed in this particular theory. I find it plausible. The idea that life "just happened" here doesn't sit well with me nor does any religious explanation that I am aware of. Life, even in the form of a single celled protozoa, had to have a beginning. After accepting that, it's the old "chicken or egg" question.

Speaking of that, does anyone else see the imagery of a planet (ovum) being impregnated with life by amino acids (sperm) carried by a meteor (semen)?

Or am I just too literal?


Bagman and Butler said...

Great blog, not too literal. I still have the image of Woody Allen in sperm shit running in place in the old movie, "Everything you ever wanted to know about sex."

Inspector Clouseau said...

I love the "mystery to science (not to religion)... line.

Inspector Clouseau said...

Ehhmmmm, check out fractals / fractels.

Douglas said...

B&B - I suspect you meant "suit". That is one of the images that came to mind while writing the article.

Inspector - Did you infer something I did not mean to imply? And I am not sure what you meant by the fractal comment. Recurring images/shapes in nature, perhaps?

Inspector Clouseau said...

I love the "mystery to science (not to religion)... line.