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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Alien life forms are popping up

Today being Saturday, I suppose I could get into politics. There's plenty to rant about, always is. Each of our two major political parties pointing fingers of blame at each other for failing the people. Both being mostly right. The economy is either improving, stagnating, or getting worse. All of which are true somewhere in the country. Unemployment figures touted at the beginning of a week are quietly adjusted, without fanfare, later in the week showing the employment outlook is not as good on Friday as it was portrayed on Monday.

I keep think handbasket, river to some nether world, and no paddle.

So I just didn't think about these things this morning. Instead, I grew concerned about the alien life forms growing on and in my lawn. Most people call them weeds. But have you looked at them? I mean, really looked at them? I am sure the ones in my yard are the spawn of some spores from outer space. Full of tendrils and odd looking tiny flowers and large seed packets, they take root where nothing else, certainly no actual grass, seems to grow.

Yeah, the dreaded "dead spots". The roots of my St. Augustine grass showing, gray and rotting, no "runners" from the allegedly good areas appear to even dare enter these zones of barrenness. But these alien weed forms thrive there.

Maybe they were blown off the dust of Mars, having laid dormant there for centuries, by a passing comet. Sucked up into its tail, they trail along until they come close enough for earth's gravity to pull them in. Light enough to waft down into the lower atmosphere rather than burn up on entry, they grab a bit of "dead" soil and immediately put down roots and begin to propagate.

When people ask me, "Do you think there's life on other planets?" I say, "Certainly!" and when they ask, "Do you think they have visited us?" I say, "They are taking over my lawn as we speak."

And I have noticed fewer squirrels this year around my house. Maybe some of the newer "weeds" are carnivorous.

We are all doomed.


Sightings said...

I can appreciate the humor in your post, b/c residing up north in NY, the aliens don't invade my lawn for another month or so.

TheLogistician said...

There was a CSpan2 Bk TV program on last evening where the speaker contended that the Western industrialized nations had made bad economic decisions for roughly 50 years, giving the emerging world an opportunity to catch up and possibly gain the upper hand economically. That's definitely both parties over the years.

Douglas4517 said...

At one level (maybe several), there is no difference at all between the two
major parties. Yet, on other levels, there are major differences. And they
(the parties) change based on what groups within them gain or lose

Still, we can only realize choices are good or bad in hindsight.


Douglas4517 said...

They are already there. They are, apparently, used to the long cold Martian
winters and have evolved great patience. But they will be the first to grow,
that's how you know they are alien.