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Friday, March 18, 2011

A bit of puttery

It's another day and another blog post. Once more, I am challenged to come up with something, anything, that does not reek of poor talent. Once more, I will likely not achieve that goal. I was never much of an achiever. To say I am an underachiever would be gilding the lily, so to speak.

I am not here. I am off playing at golf. That best describes my game of late. My putter has failed me. And anyone who plays golf, even miniature golf, knows what it means when that happens. I paid big bucks for this putter. I think it was $17 total, including shipping. And it came with a dozen Wilson Eco-core balls. I am not sure what an Eco-core golf ball is but I suspect that it is biodegradable so if it gets lost (which golf balls are wont to do in the course of a round), it breaks down and feeds the worms. Or maybe it melts in the lake you were not supposed to hit your ball into. Or maybe it contains alligator food. We have alligators in all our ponds and lakes down here.

I buy cheap putters so it doesn't hurt so much when I bend them around a tree trunk. Or throw them into the nearest pond. Still, I expect them to at least propel the ball toward the hole in the line I choose. Then, if the line I choose is wrong, I have only myself to blame. Lately, I have gotten a case of the twitches. The twitches are a subset of something called "The Yips". The "Yips" are the bane of golfers everywhere. It usually manifests itself as a wildly overhit ball that slides 6 feet past the hole on a 2 foot putt. The "Twitches" cause one to pull, or push, a short putt to one side of the hole or other.

I blame the putter. It's more comforting than blaming myself. And I can always get a new putter. Replacing myself is not an option. Unless they have perfected human cloning. They haven't done that yet, have they? Please tell me they haven't.

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