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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Attorney daze

Different days bring different woes. Golf days bring misery in the form of wasted shots and unlucky bounces. Exercise days bring little aches and pains that nag and annoy. But the worst day of all is a Lawyer Day.

And that day, my friends, is today. I have an appointment with my attorney this morning. I have never met the man so I am not sure why I call him "my" attorney rather than "the" attorney. I don't own him, just renting him at the usual exorbitant prices.

A quick recap: Mom worked for an attorney for 35 years, retired, developed Alzheimer's and came to live with me after my father died in 2001. Six months later, her former boss died and left her a stipend of $1000 per month. The Trustee chose not to locate her and inform her of this stipend. When I learned about it some six months after her passing, the Trustee wanted to pay it out in $1000 a month payments. No interest, no lump payment. So I engaged a lawyer. That was two years ago.

Seems a simple matter, doesn't it. There is no question that the money is owed to her estate. But the Trustee and his attorney have been uncooperative and stall on any request for information. It seems silly to me. It seemed that way when it first started.

Now it just seems expensive and annoying.

Maybe more later today after I talk to "my" lawyer.

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