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Friday, April 20, 2012

Movin' on

It appears that I will be posting at odd times for the next few weeks. Mostly because scheduling posts no longer works but also because it is easier to post at the end of the day.

A pleasant couple of days in Biloxi. Faye did not lose money but actually came out ahead. The ideal result of a couple of comped nights at the hotel. My golf (I don't gamble much anymore) could have been much better but it wasn't all that bad. I have done worse.

We headed out around 8 AM local time and drove only 8 hours. For some reason, I was tired and drifty. I lost my focus from time to time which, for me, is unusual while driving unless I am very tired. Normally, I can drive for 10 hours without any problem but I wasn't on the road for 3 hours before I felt fatigue. And I started the day with a cup of Starbucks coffee. Since I don't drink a lot of coffee these days, that should have been plenty. Perhaps I am getting old. I refuse to accept that.

Traffic was not bad. Except for the occasional "clinger" (the person who matches your speed once he settles into your blind spot), there was nothing much going on. And the weather, until close to Texas, was fine; not too hot, not windy, and the rain was light when it started about 2 hours before we gave up for the day and checked into a motel near Longview, TX.


Sightings said...

Hope you're having a good vacation -- hmmm, Biloxi to Vegas to ... are you on a gambling jaunt?  I did that trip once, in 2004:  Jacksonville, FL, to LA, all the way on I10.  And speaking of "remembering" I recall two salient points: when I got to the Texas border, I thought, wow, Texas already, I must almost be there. Then I saw the sign:  El Paso 875 miles. And I went, "Oh." And the other was crossing the Continental Divide in NM -- there weren't any mountains to cross! You're going along the road, as flat as Florida, as suddenly there's the sign: Continental Divide. Weird.

Anyway, I'm jealous of your trip. I was in San Diego in Feb. Loved it.

Douglas4517 said...

 When you were crossing the Continental divide, you did it at its lowest point, you skirted the bottom of  the Rockies. It's more noticeable when you travel along I-40.

And the Divide is really about where the water flows. See:

Not a gambling trip for me since I rarely gamble these days but Faye indulges and these get her "comps" for 2 or 3 night stays at hotel-casinos which we use to our advantage.

Sightings said...

I went to the nationalatlas site and then the next site -- Continental Divides in North Dakota and North America  -- and was fascinated reading about the northern  divide in North Dakota, which I didn't know about, as well as the other two continental divides. Interesting stuff.