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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Pigeon-toed Surfer Dude

Just a few thoughts...

On the Planet Green network, I came across a group of shows having to do with human sexuality. Now, being typically male for as long as I can remember (probably longer), that's a subject that intrigues me. The first show was very informative because it concerned the female orgasm. It was called Why is Sex Fun. But one thing bothered me. The female orgasm is not a requirement for procreation, that's a given, but the show seemed to think it was therefore unnecessary in human sexuality. Eventually, they revealed that there might be physical reasons for its existence. I maintain it exists for one important psychological reason. Pleasure induces us to repeat functions. And repeating reproductive activities is important, maybe critical, to species survival.

The other two shows involved sexual attraction, called Science of Sex Appeal. It turns out there is a Golden Mean involved. The human face, it was stated, had a certain ratio between the width of the lips and the space between the eyes (leftmost point of right eye to rightmost point of left eye), if I recall it properly. We have no real control over that, of course, it's genetic. This two part series explained everything pretty well. The interviews with couples of various ages and length of relationship was especially interesting.

If you get a chance to see these shows, do it.


Since I am of a certain age and I live in a fabulously sunny state, skin cancer is a constant concern. Not so much for me because I don't worry about it too much. I figure it's too late. After all, I was a "surfer dude" for a year and a half  (during a time before we feared the sun) and pretty much roasted 95% of my body on a daily (almost) basis. I was very dark, a mahogany color, except for the area that my cut-offs or baggies covered and the soles of my feet. I once cooked my skin so bad that even my tan peeled revealing raw pink skin underneath the bridge of my nose and parts of my cheeks... which quickly tanned back to match the rest of me over the next few days. And there was that 8 hours I spent off Waikiki Beach on my first WestPac cruise while in the Navy. Burnt so bad that I slavered myself with Noxzema skin cream and suffered for three days with severe pain and taut skin. I felt like a barbecued hotdog.

They say most skin damage happens when you are a child. I figure there's not much I can do about it now. Oh, I still wear a hat but I am not overly concerned. If it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen. My advice to others is to eschew the ballcap when spending a lot of time in the sun and opt for the "bucket hat", anything with an all around brim so your ears are protected. I have more than a few friends who have lost parts of their ears to skin cancer.


I am naturally slightly flat-footed. But, back when I was that roasted surfer dude, I became a little pigeon-toed. It gave me better balance on the surfboard. I don't know why this thought came to mind except that I am having problems playing golf and balance is very important to the swing. I notice that most people use a flat-footed stance when striking the ball with a wood or an iron but many switch to pigeon-toed when putting. I tend to square my left foot (I am right-handed) but flare my right foot toe out.

Years ago, there was a TV show called "Silk Stalkings" which was supposed to take place in Palm Beach but was actually filmed in San Diego and southern California. The female star was Mitzi Kapture, a gorgeous young woman. But she walked funny, unfeminine in a way. I realized she was flat-footed. I also realized, about that same time, that few women walked that way. I thought back to my sister teaching some neighborhood teenage girls how to "walk" as part of a charm school she did as a hobby. All were taught to walk just a little bit shy of pigeon-toed.

Any thoughts on the above?


Charlotte said...

My dad and grandmother had some nasty skin cancers.  I even got what they call a K-type cancer right in the center of my chest, just below my neck line where the sun would always hit.  So I wear tops that have a high neckline and a big hat when gardening and don't forget the sunscreen.  But I know it's probably too little too late.  Oh and charm school walk--yes.  I just dropped by from BPOTW; hope you will visit my post 

Douglas4517 said...

 Welcome, Charlotte. You have a nice blog and, apparently, a life that's been filled with children and other wonderful things.

Steven Scott said...

I always forget my ears and they always get really burned. I read this post on friday, saw the "losing chunks of ears part," and was diligent about getting sunscreen on my ears at the pool this weekend :) thanks