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Thursday, November 29, 2012

For those of us with Microsoft based PCs, it is time to think about the next generation of Windows. 

I have been using Microsoft operating systems since they began. Before that, I used CP/M and also dabbled in Unix. I dabbled in Unix because I worked for AT&T and they invented it and, therefore, I had access to computers which ran on it. But these computers were specialized machines, not something we could actually play with.

I had been sent off to weeks upon weeks of schools in 1977 to learn how to troubleshoot and repair a new digital long distance switching system. Amazingly (to me at least), I understood what they were trying to teach us. I got intrigued by computers and I started considering buying a personal computer. I had friends who had bought Radio Shack computers and the first commercial Apples.

I had no idea what to do with one. It's a bit like wanting to date a pretty girl. You aren't sure if she'll be worth the expense and you wonder if you can handle her but lust overcomes all logic and common sense.

I made the plunge in 1981. I bought an Osborne1. It was not cheap. I had no real uses for it but I wanted it. I went through CP/M and then bought an IBM clone,  jumped on MS-DOS 3.1 followed by 5.0. I avoided Windows until Windows95 when it seemed impossible to ignore any longer.

Now comes Windows 8. And it looks like it wasn't designed for this PC on my desk. It looks like a tablet interface.

I have no idea if I will follow along with the crowd on this one...

Sometimes I think they create new operating systems simply because they can.


Bob Loosemore said...

Glad IC linked to here. Almost enough to make me resurrect Dr-Awsom. However, he would ask you about your AWFUL id pic, whereas i know you have a subtle reason for it.

I DO object to your unreadable whatsitsname below - or don't you want comments...

Douglas said...

And yet you managed to leave one. For that, at least, I thank you. And my lovely wife took that "AWFUL id pic" and actually reflects what I look like. We can't all be as handsome as Cary Grant, can we?

Bob Loosemore said...

You are much more interesting than Gary Grant, and do not need editing! The image however needed lightening - Dr-Awsom did it - his first post in nearly 2 years. Yes, to work still. Give me a few minutes to deliver the post.

Like your blog Douglas, going to do some digging, hope to see a picture of your beautiful wife.

Douglas said...

I like the old one (though the lighter one is nice, too), it represents my "dark" side.