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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is that your natural color?

As you can see by my picture, I have an almost white beard. What you cannot see is that my hair is still dark brown (though the gray is gaining ground). I still have a fairly full head of hair... mostly. The brow is growing each day it seems. But it is the color of which I write today.

My beard began showing gray in my 30's. Just the occasional one at first and then more and more settled in so that it was "salt and pepper" in my late forties. At about this time, I began hearing the question, "Do you dye your hair?", because my hair was a rich, dark, brown with no stray gray anywhere.

It's a silly question. Logic dictates that, if I did, I would not allow the beard to give it away.

I found these...



And they brought a chuckle to my mind.

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