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Monday, March 25, 2013

And How Was Your Week?

What a week the last one was.

The president goes to Israel and his limo (one of two brought along for the trip) breaks down. Rumors that it was because someone might have refueled it with diesel fuel instead of gasoline have not been confirmed or denied by the Secret Service. The president promises $200 million to Jordan while the sequester denies the few hundred thousand needed to keep the White House tours going.

The Secretary of State pops up unexpectedly in Baghdad and begs (okay... "requests") Iraq to stop allowing Iran to Syria flights (I didn't realize Baghdad had that power).

The EU, in its infinite wisdom, knows Cyprus is in fiscal crisis (who isn't these days?) and wants them to tax savings and checking accounts. Not the interest paid on them, the principal. No one seemed to predict the chaos that would create.

Boris Berezofsky, filthy rich Russian guy, died under mysterious circumstances a day or two after telling an interviewer there is "no point in life" and suffering major financial setbacks (not limited to an ex-mistress wanting her fair share).

A meteor streaked across the sky on the east coast of the U.S., rattling folks and creating a social media flurry but doing no harm whatsoever.

Limbaugh is embroiled in a controversy (wait! that isn't unusual... scratch that) about Beyonce'.

And I bought a new driver for my golf game. Proving once again that life is unpredictable and the intended results rarely match the actual ones.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Your final sentence today caused me to nod the old bean in agreement.