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Saturday, March 9, 2013

One down... so many more to go

I had to completely re-write this post because Blogger, in its infinite wisdom, decided that when I went to edit it that a scroll down was a request to delete it all. Sure, I send feedback to Blogger about the problems I've had with it and no fixes ever seem to happen. It will change font size at its whim in the middle of sentences and just generally act on its own.

Last week Hugo Chavez died. It is rumored that his last words were something like "Please don't let me die." Not bad as last words go. I have decided mine will be (while looking directly at the doctor) "See you soon." But let's get back to Hugo...

When he died, he was worth either $1 billion or $2 billion. It's hard to tell, the left says it is $1 billion and the right says $2 billion. I say, who cares? He certainly wasn't paid that by the Venezuelan government. No, he stole it from the very people he proclaimed to love and sacrifice for. Just as his buddy, Fidel Castro, has managed to amass some $900 million or so out of that poverty pit called Cuba.

And the usual suspects are now mourning the passing of Hugo; the Reverend Jackson, Sean Penn, Representative Gregory Meeks (D-NY), Danny Glover, etc. While I wish no one ill will, I am not mourning Chavez's passing. One less dictator in the world is a good thing. Among those attending the Chavez funeral are: Cuban President Raul Castro and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, movie star Sean Penn, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson.  I am not surprised.

I do not understand any of these people. I do not understand Americans who idolize dictators like Chavez and who seem to hate the country they were born in. And I am surprised that our illustrious president didn't send Joe Biden to represent the U.S. at the funeral. Really.

Meanwhile, back in the U.S., the long knives are out for Rand Paul who followed the old tradition of filibustering by actually standing at the dais and speaking for hours because he wanted a simple assurance that the president will not kill Americans on American soil using an armed drone without at least giving them due process. It only took a 13 hour filibuster of the type that, not too long ago, the Democrats thought superior to the speechless version to get that assurance. 

And our president is caught repeatedly lying about the impact of the sequester.

And people wonder why I am a cynic.

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