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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Frustration Strikes Again

On Tuesday, I was notified that an update for my AVG Free was available... and recommended. So I opted to do it. It was, I believe, the Summer edition for the 2013 version. After the usual churning and bustling of the gerbils who provide the power to run the computer, the update was almost completed... all I had to do was restart the computer.

And so I did.

All seemed well. Until an hour or so later when I noticed a reminder that I needed to do a restart to complete the update process. Knowing I had already done that, I went ahead and did it again because I am nothing if not obedient. And then, an hour or so after that reboot, I got the very same prompt. So I closed the dialogue box with the little "x" in the upper right corner. Only to get the prompt again in another hour or so.

By then, it was bedtime and I simply shut it down for the night, deciding I would deal with it in the morning.

It was no surprise, therefore, when I booted up the computer and ran into the same prompt. I mouthed the usual magic words (which should not be repeated in a family friendly environment) to no avail. I then went looking for the cure for the problem at the AVG Free web site. I found a procedure that was supposed to fix it. It involved manipulating a couple of files (deleting one and renaming the other). Simple enough, it seemed at the time.

In Win7 (which I am running), it was a matter of deleting the file "C:\programdata\AVG2013\cfg\updatecomps.cfg" and replacing it by renaming updatecomps.cfg.prepare (found in the same folder).

Just one little problem... The SYSTEM (I was told in a dialogue box) hadn't given me permission to mess with these files. After uninstalling and re-installing AVG2013, I ran into the same problem. I then uninstalled AVG Free once again, deleted both of those aforementioned files, and then re-installed AVG Free once again. This time everything seems to have worked.

I usually highly recommend AVG Free. I still will but my support of it is a bit weaker today. This should not have happened. 

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